KRING is a New Practice management consulting company that provides game-changing approaches to fundamental strategic challenges. We help top management build the new customer centric capabilities, practices and solutions essential for organisations to achieve efficient growth in a world where exponential technologies is repeatedly changing everything about our lives.

New Practice generates radical, customer-focused solutions that are faster, cheaper and much more agile and responsive than traditional management consultancy roadmaps.

Our technology-based business acceleration concepts and capability-building services focus on:



We help you build the capabilities to make technology drive value creation through the combination of customer centricity, intelligent application of modern IT, creative identification of new possibilities and agile, pragmatic execution.


We help you accelerate your capabilities to listen, understand and anticipate your customers’ needs – and to respond immediately to any changes.


We help you create a new business architecture and new models for entrepreneurial thinking, designed to accelerate sustained strategic business growth and generate unprecedented competitive advantage.


Driving Value Creation from Business Technology

  • Transforming IT towards higher levels of value creation
  • Creating clear, customer-centric and innovative IT- & Digital business strategies
  • Building new capabilities for information and technology management
  • Implementing and driving agile execution capabilities
  • Developing governance, portfolio and value management capabilities
  • Creating flexible and agile enterprise architectures
  • Designing customer-aligned IT-organizations
  • Developing a strategic IT-perspective on Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Creating valuable business systems overviews

Creating Customer Experience Leadership

  • Co-creating a customer centric culture with speed and agility
  • Developing a customer experience vision and game plan
  • Creating real time response capabilities to customer opportunities and pains
  • Building a customer cockpit for true CX leadership and innovation
  • Creating a shared customer engagement vision for Marketing and IT
  • Developing KPI & ROI measurements to adjust and act agile

Accelerating Innovation Capabilities

  • Co-creating agile game plans for development of innovation capabilities
  • From exponential technologies to exponential innovation and business
  • Fact based validation of new ideas
  • Anchoring of Pretotyping methodology in larger organizations
  • Developing an entrepreneurial approach for long-term innovation
  • Structured discovery of new business opportunities
  • Radical change of business models and value propositions


If your organisation is to thrive in this rapidly evolving “new world order” of fickle customer preferences, shifting global market constellations and constant, disruptive innovation, it will require radically new strategies and capabilities.

That’s why KRING thinks, works and implements differently. Simply tinkering with old, familiar parameters or rooting around in so-called “Best Practice” ideas that are fundamentally enmired in past realities is never going to put you ahead of the transformation curve.

It all boils down to:

The four New Practice dimensions…
make sure each set of challenges gets considered from all angles. Each customer-centric New Practice concept also integrates ideas about how technology can provide new opportunities, about possibilities for innovative partnership constellations and considerations about how people (your staff and suppliers as well as your customers) will react at each stage.

The seven guiding New Practice principles…
help guide you through the difficult changes and natural resistance that you will encounter on your way to transform your company to a true New Practice organisation.

New Practice accelerated implementation concepts…
enable you to roll out transformational change faster. These processes are specially designed for rapid iterations – with a “time to value” of only 3 months – and to deploy creatively disruptive measures within clear contexts understood by all concerned.

The New Practice execution model…
is designed to ensure effective, agile 100-day cycle rollouts of new ideas, hard-data measurements of their effect in real-world contexts, and hard-headed evaluations by your customers in commercial environments characterised by constant change.











DSV is one of the world’s largest providers of third-party transport and logistics solutions with offices in more than 75 countries and an international network of partners and agents.

A business analysis documented that DSV was really good at attracting new customers. Unfortunately, the study also showed that the company was also notably poor at retaining customers, at working with cross-selling and add-on sales, and at developing long-term customer relationships.

The New Practice CXT™ solution that KRING proposed is based on the widely adopted B2B loyalty framework Net Promoter System®. In DSV it became known as the “Customer Success Solution” and was implemented in June 2014. Since then DSV has asked 200 different customers every day in four countries about their reactions and satisfaction with regard to DSV. If a customer is dissatisfied, the responsible Account Manager reacts PROMPTLY within 24 hours.

DSV expects that the newly implemented solution will dramatically reduce the number of customers that leave the company. This will also have a very positive impact on revenue and costs. DSV has calculated that if they can improve the baseline NPS score with just 4 points (NPS scales is -100 to +100) it would increase the top-line with 1%. DSV has decide to roll-out the NPS-solution to all 75 countries and the Executive Board has defined it as one the most important future strategic business initiatives.

“Together with KRING and their ”Think big, start small and scale fast” approach our first Pilot was rolled out in four countries in 100 days!”
René Falch Olesen, Chief Commercial Officer at DSV

KRING New Practice CXT™ (Customer Experience Transformation) is a New Practice B2B customer centric framework that use a unique FAST-TRACK methodology needed to create industry leading customer experiences and customer driven innovation. CXT focus on ACTION and not PROCESS and is designed to ensure delivery of concrete business results in 100 days sprints.

Visit our blog FASTTRACK for further information about the case




COWI is a leading consulting firm that works with engineering, economics and environmental science across the globe. The 6200 staff are involved in some of the most exciting projects in Denmark, including the City Circle Metro line, electrification of the Danish railway network, more light rail networks throughout Denmark, the Green Lighthouse project in Copenhagen, the Storstrøms Bridge, climate adaptation at both state and local government levels, and much more.

In 2012, the COWI management team presented a new business strategy, known as Powerhouse 2015. As an extension of this, the COWI Group CIO, Claus Hagen Nielsen, wanted to develop a business-oriented IT strategy with close links to the overall Powerhouse 2015 framework. One of the key aims was to support a vision for the Group IT capabilities as an actual business partner, with a big emphasis on innovation combined with a strong end-user focus.


COWI IT had already outsourced its business-critical platforms, and had established an IT sourcing centre in Lithuania. IT costs had been brought in line with comparable companies. This meant there were no more “easy” solutions or obvious measures available

Working with COWI IT management, KRING identified the areas that would be crucial for implementing the Powerhouse 2015 business strategy. KRING then analysed the parameters on which COWI IT capabilities would have to deliver in order to ensure the necessary business anchoring. A new mission and vision were formulated, and seven strategic themes relating to IT were identified. The result was a communicable, business-oriented IT strategy with a strong focus on both innovation and the end-user customer. All the work was rooted in the KRING New Practice approach.

KRING helped subsequently to establish a new governance model for the entire COWI Group, which included all internal change initiatives – regardless of the level of technology content. Part of the project involved preparation of roles and responsibilities, processes and templates, as well as the associated communication materials.

KRING has also worked closely with COWI on setting up an “Acquisition Cookbook” laying out strategic considerations pertinent to M&As, from an IT perspective. KRING also helped with the strategic IT communication in COWI. Furthermore, KRING advised on how COWI could benefit from establishing clear roles and processes around strategic, technology-driven innovation.

“In my long career, I have never experienced a consultancy operation with such a level of competency, and which has created value in such a short time. My management team and I can provide KRING with the warmest recommendations.”
Claus Hagen Nielsen, Group CIO, COWI




GN Otometrics is the world’s leading manufacturer of instrumentation and software for hearing and balance. GN Otometrics is part of GN Store Nord and the GN ReSound Group, and has subsidiaries in 15 countries.

Over the past 50 years, GN Otometrics has delivered solutions ranging from applications for screening the hearing of newborn children and audiological diagnostic equipment for the precise fitting of hearing aids and balance testing, in more than 70 countries.


GN Otometrics recently gained access to a revolutionary new technology featuring 3D scanning and imaging. Placing a small digital scanner into the human ear makes it possible to create a perfect 3D image of the ear canal. OTOscan™ 3D imaging technology thus completely does away with the limitations and challenges associated with traditional silicone ear impressions. It provides an intuitive, rapid and non-invasive procedure with extremely accurate results every time. This will completely revolutionise the customer experience in several key respects.


The GN Otometrics business model was primarily about the development, manufacture and marketing of advanced, computer-based devices and systems. These were sold through a global system of partners and GN Otometrics’ own sales companies.

Introducing OTOscan™ technology created a unique opportunity for building a radically innovative business model that made it possible to:

- Create a completely new industry standard for ear scans

- Open a platform that could be used by all hearing aid retailers and manufacturers as well as ear-plug laboratories

- Provide access to the required scanner devices with very limited investment, in order to enable rapid market adoption

- Establish a “per scan” payment model that corresponds to the current cost structure, instead of selling scanners

Naturally, such a new and ambitious global business model required an entirely new mode of business thinking, a new cloud-based IT architecture, and both frontend and backend systems.

KRING has helped GN Otometrics develop this new business model via use of tools that include Business Model Canvas for identifying the basics of the underlying mode of operation, as well as designing the cloud-based architecture and the underlying system complex.




The senior management at Saxo Bank ( – an online investment bank specialising in trading across global financial markets, and headquartered in Denmark) were working to improve their target management and as part of this process wanted to develop KPIs for every department of the bank. Global Head of Technology and Operations, Mikael Munck, called in KRING to help.

He wanted us to organise a brief yet intensive process involving the extended IT management team, intended both to identify the KPIs and to establish a system for using such KPIs for the IT set-up at Saxo Bank. A key requirement was that the management team should be involved in the work – to ensure the necessary organisational hooks and to be able to undertake on-going development of the system.

The new IT KPIs were reported monthly. Data collection and reporting, along with comments/explanations, etc., were done in a straightforward, simple way with only a very limited resource burden. The main focus was not on reporting raw data, but on any deviations from the set goals.


Saxo Bank has a work culture notable for its extreme go-getter style, agility and effectiveness. Project managers are normally used to a great deal of autonomy – and project “owners” have considerable freedom to execute within their allocated IT budgets. This presents a significant challenge for balancing KPIs, performance management and time reporting in relation to the most efficient use of bank resources.


KRING facilitated the process of interviews, data collection and carried out several highly effective workshops. The preliminary list with KPIs for each department was up-graded using SMART principles.

A focus on customer satisfaction and a better, well-documented understanding of customer needs and preferences were included as key elements in the analysis and solutions.


Entrepreneurial success
KRING is a story about successful, break-the-mould entrepreneurship, extending all the way back to 1986. We’re businesspeople to the very core, and have been at the forefront of commercial solutions driven by innovation, technology and a focus on customer needs ever since the very beginning of the company. KRING was one of the first in Denmark to work with e-commerce and supply chain management within an integrated value chain in the office supplies business. We found out how to employ information technology to reinvent business models in our particular field.

Later, we also created a new way of working with outsourcing – without compromising the company’s control over critical decisions. In this period our work involved flexible collaboration and delivery models for strategic offshore outsourcing of e-business software development. At that time, KRING operated software development centres in both India and Ukraine, and about 300 people worked in the KRING organisation.

In 2009 this part of KRING was successfully sold to Saxo Bank.

Innovative entrepreneurial solutions
With our experience in creating innovative solutions based on the strategic use of technology to build new business opportunities, we were able to see how technology was capable of bringing about radical transformations in virtually all industries and organisations. All this was the foundation for the new KRING, where we now focus our professional entrepreneurial services exclusively on management, innovation and customer-centric thinking in a technology-driven world.

Technology-driven commercial frameworks place significantly different demands on businesses – and mean that the old-world consulting model needs to be seriously reinvented. We believe that actually delivered measurable value is the only real focal point for cooperation and commercial focus.

At KRING, we’ve moved beyond traditional customer–supplier relationships – we work with our clients in partnerships and co-creation frameworks focused on customer-centric value and real-world results.

KRING is renowned for rapid, innovative responses and agile execution that build capacity and sculpt radically different ways for companies to work together to achieve remarkable results. This has enabled KRING to provide a range of major-league international companies with innovative business models specially designed to employ fast-response technology to create customer-centric opportunities and strategic breakthroughs.

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