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We work with experts and thought leaders to improve the chances of success of our ventures at multiple points of the entrepreneurial journey, with multiple opportunities to get involved.

Being an impact advisor with KRING

What types of advisors are there?

Venture Advisor

  • Beeing a problem solving/ sparring partner during Ideation and Validation
  • Helping inform our problem identification, business model validation and product features to get early product-market fit
  • Connecting our team with fellow experts from your network
  • Providing infrastructure for validating and piloting our concepts
  • Bringing in your expertise to impactful ventures with part-time commitment (or explore if fit for you to join full-time later on)

Advisory Board

  • Once we have an incorporated with pre-seed funding, you can join as a formal Advisory board member

Board of Directors

  • After Seed round, we form professional Board with external Chairman to provide oversight and governance to company

What profiles are you looking for?

We are looking for:

  • Commercial expert in Digital Health or Clean Energy
  • Science expert or medical professional excited to bring subject matter expertise to inform what companies we build or the specific product features/ science methodologies
  • Tech / AI guru excited to inject tech & data vision to our ventures
  • Influencer/ Network butterfly etc.


Why partner with KRING?

  • You want to bring your expertise to impactful ventures but do not want to be a full-time entrepreneur
  • Want to stay connected to the startup innovation scene in Health & Energy

What does current advisors say about KRING?

I have followed KRING for several years and their work in developing interesting sustainable business solutions for green issues. I appreciate the collaboration and the perspectives it opens up.

I have followed KRING for many years and taken note of their ability and systematic approach to identifying new opportunities and subsequently creating new businesses. Their Speedbooting concept is unique in Scandinavia, and besides being attractive investments, it also comes with a strong focus on sustainability, which appeals to me. I highly recommend KRING.

See the video Interview with Peter Damgaard Jensen, Impact Advisor in Valified and previsously Administrative Director in the Pension fund, PKA.

How does it work?

  • We have various models, from a few hours a month, to 2-3 days a week; from consulting contract to formal BOD assignment
  • From volunteer to consulting fee to equity-incentive based schemes
  • Depends on the needs and stage of the venture as well as your personal time availability, interest and expertise - so lets discuss

Interested in becoming an Advisor?

Contact os via this form or write Managing Partner, Jacob Madsen, at

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