Our belief

KRING is a story of innovation from the beginning of the 90s. About pioneering new user-friendly and sustainable solutions to problems within society and a wide range of industries. This is what the world needs. This is what our world craves.

The fact is, that if everyone on this planet lived the same way we in the Nordic countries, we would have likely exhausted Earth’s resources a long time ago. Such a situation is obviously not sustainable and constitutes a source of growing crises in areas such as health, energy, climate, biodiversity, food production etc. Fortunately, there is an awareness that all industries need the sustainable innovative efforts and change that the world so desperately requires.

But how?

We believe that the key to solving the world’s problems lies largely in innovating, building and scaling companies based on new sustainable business models. When properly designed and executed, a strong and effective foundation is created for user-friendly solutions across geographies and cultures. This way, the very act of problem solving also makes optimal use of our natural, human and financial resources. It is the core of a sustainable solution and the source of creating healthy growth, meaningful jobs, new innovation and future prosperity.

We also believe that close and committed collaborations and partnerships are the key to tackling the world’s challenges with the necessary speed and innovative power. The concept of co-creation is therefore deeply rooted in KRING’s foundation and constitutes a core component of our innovative venture-building process, which we call Speedbooting©. This time-tested framework combines speed, collaboration and innovation to create new sustainable impact ventures.

Using Speedbooting©, we apply a systematic approach within the framework of ‘Think big, start small, scale fast’. This ensures a common understanding and focuses on the decisive factors for value creation, scalability and impact.

With Speedbooting©, we accelerate companies’ development from start-ups to scale-ups We avoid having to deal with the challenges that usually result in 9 out of 10 start-ups failing (and 7.5 out of 10 for venture-backed ones), ensuring optimal resource utilization from the start. Our special focus areas include quickly securing market fit, go-to-market strategies, partnership strategies, HR & teams as well as securing financing. With the help of our own investment fund, we can take the lead from the innovation phase to the scaling phase. As a result, focus is concentrated on building and scaling the company.

In the KRING Studio we build impact companies with high ethics that strive for long-term success and have a holistic approach to business. We believe that this is a better approach to achieving sustainable and profitable companies as well as a greater and more secure return on one’s investment over time. As entrepreneurs, we are naturally also fascinated by Silicon Valley, Unicorns and unusual personalities. But we believe that the world also needs a more balanced approach in this area.

Thus, KRING co-creates new innovative impact companies by uniting experienced and fresh entrepreneurs, domain experts and the need for established companies to differentiate themselves and remain relevant to customers and the market. Or the need for public institutions to find solutions to social problems faster and more efficiently, which can simultaneously be transformed into job creation, healthy growth and prosperity.

That is why we believe that the best way to predict the future is to co-create it.

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