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We build most of our impact ventures in-house and from scratch, often in a co-creation proces with corporates, universities, potential Co-Founders, and/or early-stage founders.

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Future Co-Founders (Entrepreneurs-in-Residence)


We build most of our ventures in-house, hiring EiRs to build alongside us.


What entrepreneurial qualifications do i need?

It is not a requirement, but we expect:

  • You are very excited and determined to build a business venture but do not necessarily have an idea or a team or funding to do that. You might have an selv experienced problem that you have a burning desire to solve.
  • You see the value of joining an institutional co-founder (KRING) and a team of fellow entrepreneurs like yourself to build and scale an impact-driven digital venture

What is the ideal profile?

Ideal Co-Founder Profile (one of the following):

  • Subject matter/industry experts
  • Past entrepreneurs (succesful or failed) who are interested in our Zebra approach and see the value of partnering with KRING
  • Management consultants preferably with entrepreneurial/operational experience
  • Operators in high-growth startups/scale-ups

Preferable experience:

  • Building and leading teams from scratch
  • +7 years of work experience
  • Preferably with passion and deep understanding (e.g. through personal experience) for subject area (e.g. health) or functional area (e.g. operations)

Mindset and Values:

  • Entrepreneurial instincts: risk-taker, proactive and hands-on
  • Openness and reflectiveness to learn and change perspective when needed; high comfort with ambiguity
  • 0 to 1 mindset
  • Structured thinking
  • Committed to Zebra/path to profitability journey
  • Founder mentality with skin in the game

What is the typical venture building journey with KRING?

We follow our KRING Speedbooting™ Venture Building Model for everything we do. From market validation tll launch


What does KRING bring to you (and the company)?

KRING is an institutional co-founder with 18 years of experience building digital ventures. Our venture building approach and core USPs mitigate the most common causes of failures for start-ups:

Product/market fit and GTM strategy

  • We de-risk the venture significantly through methodology and idea validation. Our structured Speedbooting ® methodology with pretotyping enables validation of business models and GTM strategies

Network and Partnerships

  • We bring resources and expertise as well as access to corporate partners. KRINGs valuable network of corporates and advisors allows for improved business model and go-to-market strategy, innovation, and execution

Team and HR

  • We help fill team gaps (co-founders, early employees).


  • We do multi-round financing so you can focus on operating. As co-founder and investor, we support fundraising efforts through an extensive network of investors and our own fund

In addition, we de-risk your personal finances:

  • We cover incubation costs of experimentation/venture building team (non-convertible loan)
  • You earn a start-up salary (in line with market)
  • You keep a substantial part of your cap table (depending on stage, IP, etc.)


What does current Co-Founders say?

Jane Kudsk, Co-Founder in Triba Health

I'm looking forward to have a team around me and no longer be a solo-entrepreneur together with all the strong capabilities of KRING and the support to build something really big and meaningful. See interview with Jane here (in danish)

Tina Randrup, Co-Founder in Welldium

I always wanted to start something, but, you can almost say, did not have the guts to do it. Therefore, it is really nice to have a partner in it, especially in the early days. I joined last year, and before I came onboard there was the Welldium idea, there was a homepage with no practitioners, but with a few brands already. As soon as I joined, we started to onboard the practitioners. So, I came into the idea which I really believed in and KRING helped to pitch it to the co-founders and allow us to take that idea and make it our own. I think we both really believe in it and in that way it was ‘made for us’. KRING did the start, and now we are growing the seed from there.

So in the beginning it was me and the KRING team, you could say, so it almost felt I had a real team already even though I was a solo co-founder.

Peter Ladegaard, Co-Founder in Flextribe

One of the advantages of being a Co-Founder in KRING, in my opinion, is the easily accessible and large investor network. Secondly is that you have a "backend" office with good advice and support which isn't always so easy to find while building your own startup. See interview with Peter here (in danish)

Michael Lauritzen, Co-Founder in TestaViva

KRING have been a sparring partner for us and helped us with our strategy and go-to market. Most importantly we've gained access to their large network within the financial sector which we've used and has led us to our contract with Arbejdernes Landsbank. See the interview with Michael here (in danish)

How does the venture building process look like?

You join as EIR for 3-6 months (depending on how early you join in Think Big or Validation stage) - typically it will be at a time when we already are pretty comfortable with the problem/ pain points to solve, and are still defining or early stages of validating of a specific solution hypothesis to address the problem. Here you will:


  • Work in 2-week sprints with the internal Venture Studio team
  • Validation of solution hypothesis (feasibility, viability, desirability)
  • Define MVP and show early traction with the market
  • Meet gate criteria to get Investment Committee approval to incorporate company and get pre-seed funding for the next 12 months
  • Help bring on board other 1-2 EIRs (if you are the first one) - will be the Co-founding dream team once company is spun off


Upon spinout (incorporation of company) you become a co-founder with equity stake alongside KRING.

EIR phase and early Pre-seed is full-time, in-person (hybrid) out of Copenhagen. As company grows, depending on needs of company, C-level team and board decide what makes sense regarding location

You earn a start-up salary (in line with market) and upon incorporation with pre-seed investment: You earn the right to a portion of 50% of the equity, split between 2 or 3 co-founders, so 16-25% equity for you (standard 4-year vesting with one year cliff)


Interested in building with us?

We are currently building ventures in Fertility, Chronic Disease Diagnostics, (Menopause), and are looking for EiRs/ Co-founders, check them out and apply here

Apply for general EiR position to be considered, apply here: (as we are constantly building new ventures)

Corporate Partners/Universities


As a corporate partner/university there is multiple opportunities: from being a problem solving/ sparring partner to collaborative co-creation of specific solutions for your clients and employees. We have worked with and co-created companies with leading corporates, for example:

Who are you looking for?

Most of the time, we're looking for

  • A CEO / innovation officer/ champion & decision maker that wants to explore new strategic areas of growth, new customer experiences, or market positions and wants to build and test a new service/product fast and agile in just a few months, with little internal human resources (yet high internal commitment and decision making)
  • An HR/ CEO that wants to offer tailor solutions/ innovative benefits for employees and be a Great place to work, improve productivity etc… and wants to co-create a health benefit solution with us
  • A R&D team that has some exciting tech/ R&D/IP but not strategic for company to pursue so open to let go of IP and put into a separate project that can have own feet
  • University Innovation office who wants to turbocharge tech innovations and talent from university that needs strong commercial backbone to bring to commercialization

Why partner with KRING?

High impact low touch
It requires a minimum of resources from our corporate partners to engage but allows them to discover and exploit high impact opportunities

New growth opportunities
Venture building with KRING allows you to quickly explore new strategic areas of growth, new customer experiences, or market positions

We have skin in the game
We have the funds to co-invest early in the venture creation, which aligns us on the same goals and incentives as you

Accelerate new ideas fast
Our average time from validation to MVP is 3 months, and we use our extensive network and talented co-founders to accelerate growth

What does your corporate co-creation partners say about KRING?

We are very excited to work with KRING on acceleration of some of our high potential university startups and early-stage teams. The combination of DTU startups’ Deep Tech knowledge and KRINGs extensive Speedbooting framework, commercialization capability, corporate network and impact funding will enable some of our high potential projects to materialize as valuable impact ventures faster than otherwise possible

KRING's speed-booting approach, process, and tools possess a unique capability that I haven't seen anywhere else. With the customer at the center and a high level of speed and execution power, we create some unique customer solutions. Therefore, at Nordea, we are particularly pleased to collaborate in co-creating several new customer-centered solutions with KRING.

Watch video interview with Lars here, and with business area owner, Kristian Bloch here

I have collaborated closely with KRING and personally experienced the effectiveness of KRING's Co-creation model in the creation of a new customer-centered business model and platform-based company established in partnership with PKA Pension and Ørsted. It is highly recommended.


We have had a good and close collaboration with KRING for many years. We sit on the board with KRING and have ongoing discussions about the development of new business platforms. KRING is adept at identifying new opportunities, and their values such as responsibility, along with their strong focus on individual people and sustainability agenda, also align well with us as a bank. I can wholeheartedly recommend KRING as a business partner, and at AL-Bank, we look forward to continued fruitful collaboration in the future.

We have previously worked with KRING, and it is natural for us to become an investor in KRING's new impact fund, having closely followed the development and results. We strongly believe in their robust sustainability focus, the people behind the fund, and their unique 'Speedbooting' approach to creating tomorrow's winning companies.

How does it work?

  • Start with an alignment meeting to define high level scope, assign champion/ decision maker/ steering committee/ working team/ high level terms
  • 2 – 3 days sprint workshop with working team and champion to engage, acquaint, agree on plan and focus etc. Terms for engagement agreed.
  • Execution of 2 – 6 months of idea generation - idea validation - MVP . Team from KRING drives and supports key activities, alongside corporate internal team champion/ working team.
  • Pre-seed investment decision (mostly KRING, corporate has limited equity ownership if any)

Interested in co-creating with us?

Send us a message here or write Managing Director, Jacob Madsen, at

Early-stage Startups and Idea-stage Founders


In addition to KRING’s in-house venture building expertise, we are now seeking early-stage startups and idea-stage founders for investment and inclusion in our latest impact fund, KRING Speedbooting 2022.

Read more about our Investment Strategy and how to pitch us. 

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