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Easy isn’t a word you look for in a job description. Instead, you look for challenge. You want a job that stretches you. Teaches you. Changes you. Because you’ll never stop working toward something better. That’s what defines you.

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Careers in our Venture Studio


Become a vital part of Denmark’s leading venture-building studio at KRING, where you’ll leverage our distinctive and successful Speedbooting methodology, designed to accelerate startup progress and enhance success likelyhood. This is your chance to contribute to projects that matter, positively influencing the lives of many and making a meaningful difference in our world.

Ventures in building stage


Dive deep into KRING’s Speedbooting methodology, crafted to accelerate the venture journey and financially de-risk our ventures. As an Entrepreneur in Residence at KRING, you’ll be in the company of our Venture Building team. But here’s the pinnacle of this opportunity: When a project transitions into an incorporated company following a validation phase of about 3-4 months, your role will also further develop. You will have the chance to transition into a full-time Co-Founder role, startup salary, and equity package, steering the direction of a new venture.

The recruitment process

Introductory chat with our Head of Talent & Culture

This initial conversation is typically a screening step to gauge your interest, background, and fit for the particular opportunity. It’s an ideal way for both you and KRING to get to know each other and ask primarily questions. Expected duration: 30-40 mins

First Interview with the Hiring Manager

This stage delves deeper into your experience, skills, and entrepreneurial mindset. The Venture Building Partner will likely explore your past ventures engagement (if any), your approach to business challenges, and your vision as an entrepreneur. Expected duration: 45- 60 mins

Case Assessment

A critical step, this assessment tests your practical skills and problem-solving abilities. You might be presented with a business case or a scenario relevant to the venture, requiring you to demonstrate strategic thinking, creativity, and business acumen. We expect for you to spend no more than 3 days on a case. Expected duration: 60-90 mins.

Personality test

Personality assessments are used to understand your work style, how you interact with others, and how you cope with stress or challenges. We use personality tests as “feature” and deeper understanding of your profile, and they are not decisive factor. We believe that no single personality style is superior to another; instead, it’s about finding the ideal blend of complementary skills and traits.

Discussion on Term Sheet

This is a more advanced stage where you discuss the terms of your engagement as an potential Co-Founder of a venture with KRING. It involves negotiations with the CFO & Venture Partner on aspects like compensation, responsibilities, and all legal aspects of launching a venture with KRING. Expected duration: 45-60 mins

Reference Check

KRING will contact your professional references to validate your past experiences, achievements, and work ethic. This step is crucial for gaining insights into how you operate in a professional setting.

Compatibility Assessment

You’ll assess compatibility with the KRING team during a 2-3 day trial period before committing to contracts. Additionally, you’ll participate in a workshop to discuss competency development opportunities, ensuring alignment for a successful career with us.

Offer Stage

Here we will extend a formal job offer to the selected candidate, including details on compensation, benefits, and start date. 

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Portfolio companies


Joining a startup within the KRING Impact Funds promises an exhilarating journey at the forefront of innovation. From the earliest stages to exponential growth, every moment is a dynamic adventure fueled by vision and purpose. Collaborate with passionate minds and founders, shaping groundbreaking solutions that drive positive change. Experience the thrill of rapid evolution, where challenges are opportunities and every milestone is a testament to our collective ambition.

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