Our partnership with DTU

KRING collaborates with DTU to accelerate university startups and early-stage deeptech companies by e.g. to facilitate the meeting with corporates and investors and incorporate our Speedbooting methodology in DTU’s workflows

A unique collaboration

KRING contributes to DTU’s Startup Community to facilitate the meeting between university startups and corporates and create value for the ecosystem by bringing our entire experience base, methodological apparatus, and extensive network of investors, corporates, and startups into play.


Mark Bernhard Riis

Head of Innovation, DTU

We are very excited to work with KRING on acceleration of some of our high potential university startups and early-stage teams

the combination of DTU startups’ Deep Tech knowledge and KRINGs extensive Speedbooting framework, commercialization capability, corporate network and impact funding will enable some of our high potential projects to materialize as valuable impact ventures faster than otherwise possible”

Rasmus Stig Jensen

Business Unit Manager, DTU

Hear Rasmus Stig Jensen on DTU’s corporate partnership with KRING

Why KRING is involved

KRING has long been involved in collaborations at DTU, including with REBBLS and other business promotion initiatives for students. Below you can see our agenda with the collaboration:

A way to solving the world’s biggest challenges

KRING is working with DTU Compute to support the agenda to solve the world’s biggest problems in the world, we need to ensure that startups, corporates and universities work together to innovate the future business models that will solve them..

Facilitates the meeting between university startups and corporates

KRING contributes to the DTU Startup Community to facilitate the meeting between university startups and corporates

Creating value for our ecosystem

KRING / DTU together want to create value for the ecosystem by bringing our entire experience base, methodological apparatus and extensive network of investors, corporates and startups into play.

Young Researcher Entrepreneurship Academy in DTU Skylab

There is so much potential for innovation in young researchers, their knowledge, and their capabilities…

But they need to know how to turn their research and capabilities into new ventures. 

That is why KRING participated in the Young Researcher Entrepreneurship Academy in DTU Skylab. The aim was to build entrepreneurial capacity and increase the establishment of university-based startups by teaching our problem validating, market validating and venture building processes.

Digital Tech Summit x KRING

The largest academic based technology and ­business event in the Nordic countries

KRING is a co-organizer of DTU’s Digital Tech Summit to be held in Bella centeret with more than 5000 decision makers, engineers, companies, academics, startups, investors and students on the 25th and 26th of October.

See pitches from the universities’ startup environment

A selection of the best university startups pitching their startups for potential investors on the startup stage

Network with other investors and startups

At the conference and for the subsequent networking event, there will be ample opportunity to meet other investors and startups

Hear panel debates on impact investing

At the conference, a number of funds will come and discuss criteria for impact investing

Hear about KRING’s venture building model

Meet the KRING team and hear more about KRING’s model or have a chat with a co-founder over a drink or cup of coffee

Why KRING is involved with Digital Tech Summit

Jacob Madsen

Managing Partner, KRING

Hear Jacob Madsen put some words to what is Digital Tech Summit, how is KRING involved, and why are we involved.

Organisations, partners, and other sponsors at Digital Tech Summit

Digital Tech Summit is the largest academic-based technology and ­business event in the Nordic countries. It has been brought together by the 8 largest Danish universities

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