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Finding the sweet spot within Health & Well-being between problem spaces and enablers



As the Danish innovation ecosystem experiences a surge in health-tech startups, our venture studio stands ready to collaborate with you. Together, we will harness the entrepreneurial energy in Denmark’s health-tech sector to pioneer innovation and foster transformative change in healthcare delivery We focus on Preventive health, mental health, women’s health

Work with us!

Are you an early-stage company, co-founder, investor, or field expert passionate about making a difference in Health & Well-being? We’re here to work with you, and support you on your journey!

Our Focus Areas

As we continue to explore the sweet spot within Health & Well-being, we are especially interested in new sustainable solutions, and evidence-based health innovation approaches.

Have an idea that is outside our focus areas? – Write to us!

Mental Health

We’re focused on pioneering sustainable approaches to address psychological well-being, including innovative therapies and digital solutions tailored to individual needs.

Woman’s Health

Our emphasis lies in developing evidence-based interventions that cater to the unique health needs of women across all stages of life, from reproductive health to menopause and beyond.

Preventive Health

We focus on proactive strategies and interventions to prevent chronic diseases and promote well-being through lifestyle modifications and early detection.

Reversal Health

We develop evidence-based approaches to halt and reverse chronic conditions, empowering individuals to regain health and vitality through tailored interventions.

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Our Speedbooting® capability

We have developed a capability we call Speedbooting® – which in a “think big, start small, scale fast” process co-create human-centric solution ideas for the market quickly and efficiently. Through the building of many new ventures and digital companies, we have adopted and adjusted methodologies of entrepreneurship, innovation and co-creation to systematically build new impact ventures together with co-founders and corporates – and help them succeed, grow and create impact.

Active Projects

We build most of our impact ventures in-house, often in a co-creation process with corporates, universities, potential Co-Founders, and/or early-stage founders. Our extensive corporate co-creation community is our unfair advantage we bring to play

Concept: Menopause

Join us at KRING! We’re seeking visionary Co-founders, a Chief Commercial Officer, and a Chief Product Officer to lead our Menopause project. Together, we’ll pioneer innovative solutions for the diverse symptoms of menopause. If you’re passionate about women’s health and ready to make a difference, join us on this transformative journey.

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Concept: Fertility

There is ample scientific evidence that lifestyle changes increase fertility, but many individuals require guidance from a fertility coach to identify priorities and stay motivated. That’s where you step in. Join our team as a Fertility Coach and make a profound difference in empowering individuals on their fertility journey.

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Employer Benefits & Menopause

True workplace equality goes beyond representation to include equitable benefits that support women through life’s natural transitions. By addressing these needs, we foster inclusivity and productivity. Are you an HR Leader in compensation and Benefits? We’d like your insights.


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Key Focus Areas in SDG 3

As a venture studio, we specialize in the health and well-being space, focusing on championing transformative concepts and ideas in preventive and reversal health, women's health, and mental health. Through leveraging our support framework, and cutting-edge solutions, we empower founders and businesses on their mission to revolutionize the landscape of health and well-being, championing ideas and developing them into success stories.

What does KRING bring to the table?

We are an institutional co-founder with 18 years of experience building digital ventures, and we bring:

  • a robust venture building Speedbooting™ methodology that de-risks investment by ensuring thorough market validation before launch
  • multi-round financing (incubation, pre-seed, seed and take a lead on series A)
  • access to corporates (for co-creation and commercialization)
  • the right talent together - brings together the right team of co-founders (commercial, operating, tech, product, science) to bring idea to market and scale

How does KRING build ventures?

We follow our KRING Speedbooting™ Venture Building Model for everything we do. From market validation tll launch


Why not private equity or venture capital?
Venture Building outperforms old world PE and VC models by de-risking through systematic pre-deal validation, multi-round financing, and post-deal support.


Venture Building Venture Capital Private Equity

+ Proprietary deal flow through own incubation with founders and parners

+ Higher equity stakes - control from start to exit

+ High survival rates due to i) pre deal validation and ii) post deal support

+ Follow on capital to scale the investments and maximise returns

+ Limited/no agency costs from capital raises until track record

+ Faster time to exit and potential to capitalise on exit from asset scarcity and urge to deploy from "old world models"

+ Growth focused

+ "New world" economy

- Less scaleable

- Lots of opportunities, but mortality rates close to 90%

- Less in-depth/difficult due diligence

- Too much money chasing few deals

- Stakeholder management

+ Highly scaleable

+ Active ownership

+ Toolbox of value creation levers

+ Typical industry knowledge

- Too much money chasing few deals

- Difficult to handle transformation

- Extremely expensive model

- Focus on value distribution instead of value creation


The venture building approach is in general achieving better results at a faster pace. asthey build repeatable processes, have skin in the game from day one as an institutional co-founder and provide financial resources.




Studios are an outperforming asset class because they are able to buy ownership in a capital efficient way and are able to control the growth and scale through a dedicated bench of talent. Due to their high ownership and founding roles, we also believe that studios are less likely to be pushed down or washed out in the waterfall." - Sarah Anderson, Cintrifuse

Where does KRING source ideas for the ventures?

  • In-house:
    • We focus on building primarily in-house with our cross-functional venture building teams through our Speedbooting™ methodology and hire the right co-founders to take ideas forward alongside KRING
  • External partnerships:
    • Corporate players where C-level and decision makers are committed to building new services or products either for their own employees or customers
    • Existing early-stage ideas/ventures (typically before any external investment) when we find clear synergies between KRING and existing venture to accelerate product-market fit and founders see the value of bringing an institutional co-founder like KRING to run the venture via Speedbooting™ methodology (in exchange of 30-50% of the cap table)
    • University spin-outs

Meet our Founders

Invest in impact with us

Join our large and continually growing network of high caliber investors in our KRING Speedbooting funds – successful corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and senior advisors – with a shared passion for innovation, technology, digitization and impact. ​


Peter Damgaard Jensen

Impact Advisor & Investor


Vi er gået med i KRINGs næste impact fond, da vi ser et stort potentiale i denne aktivklasse. Samtidig kan vi godt lide folkene bag, deres mission og stærke fokus på impact og entrepreneurship på en struktureret facon.

Tommy Thomsen

CEO, Lauritzen Foundation


Lars Peter Busch

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor


We are very excited to work with KRING on acceleration of some of our high potential university startups and early-stage teams. The combination of DTU startups’ Deep Tech knowledge and KRINGs extensive Speedbooting framework, commercialization capability, corporate network and impact funding will enable some of our high potential projects to materialize as valuable impact ventures faster than otherwise possible”

Mark Bernhard Riis

Head of Innovation, DTU


Claus Rehfeld

Director at Nordic Healthcare Group

And this is what they say about working with us

We are co-creating Speedboats (companies) together with large corporates to accelerate corporates strategies, customer centricity and business agility. Furthermore, this accelerates the value creation for our sustainable impact companies and gives us an unfair advantage.

Lars Ellehave-Andersen

Bank Director, Nordea

“KRING’s Speedbooting process and their methodologies are able to do something unique that I have not seen anywhere else. With a customer-centric focus, great speed, and execution power, we create some unique solutions. That is why we at Nordea are particularly pleased to have Co-Created several new customer-centered solutions together with KRING and we have more in the pipeline within Health and Well-being as well as the green transition (SDG 3 + SDG 7) ”

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