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Join our large and continually growing network of high caliber investors in our KRING Speedbooting funds – successful corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and senior advisors – with a shared passion for innovation, technology, digitization and impact. ​

Investor in KRING Speedbooting 2022

How KRING Speedbooting 2022 differentiates from other funds

A unique opportunity to create real impact

By creating and investing in new ventures and business models actively pursuing SDG3 and SDG7 you are creating areal impact in the world

Investment in an outperforming asset class – the venture studio

The studio approach is in general achieving 30% better results as they build repeatable processes, focus on their specific expertise, have skin in the game from day one as founders, and provide financial resources.

A novel yet proven model providing high ownership and founding roles

Because we are Founders of the businesses, KRING Speedbooting 2022 will target 30% – 60% equity in each of the businesses we create

Network of interesting people

Screening of likeminded investors and access to Rise and Shine Community

Investment in a setup with 10+ years of traction and experience

We have – over the last 10 years honered our unique and successful venture building model, passionately named Speedbooting, while building our talented core team and a valuable pipeline.

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