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Bolighed is a real estate website for the buyer. On Bolighed you can get info, advise and find right people to asses the home you are looking to buy.

The story behind Bolighed

In 2015 KRING identified and validated the opportunity and matured the startup. You can read the original concept description here. KRING also convinced 4 Danish banks: Spar Nord, Sydbank, Nykredit and Arbejdernes Landsbank to cooperate on the idea “despite” the challenges that could include. It was succesful and the 4 banks aquired the platform. Today Bolighed is part of Total Kredit and is called Mit Hjem.


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Bolighed in the media

To­tal­kre­dit over­ta­ger ud­valg­te dele af Bo­lig­hed: Bli­ver in­te­gre­ret del af 53 net­ban­ker

Article on Bolighed getting acquired by Totalkredit from Nykredit, Arbejdernes Landsbank, Sydbank & Spar Nord.

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