Green heating made simple

Enova Energy is a green company dedicated exclusively to the deployment of heat pumps and other green technologies. This is done through training and personal advice, as well as direct sales, installation and subsequent servicing. The aim is to actively contribute to Denmark’s green transition.

The story behind Enova Energy

Enova Energy was founded in 2013. The management – that are also the owners – is Jesper Kring, Jacob Jensen, Rasmus Bøegh Danielsen and Martin Falch Rasmussen.

They started with a vision to contribute positively to the fight against climate change. The world needs to deploy sustainable energy solutions that are competitive to fossil fuel and customers want a high level of service in the installation to feel safe.




KRING Company



Meet the Team


Martin Falch Rasmussen

Martin Falch Rasmussen

CEO & Co-Founder


Jesper Kring

Jesper Kring

Chairman of the Board

Thomas Hjort

Thomas Hjort

Board Member

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