We make it easier for you to be a homeowner. 


Homeowners struggle to find companies to sort out their outdoor tasks. They have to call around 117 companies to find the right and available providers.


HomeBob is a platform and an app based on needs of a homeowner. One gets easy access to many skilled professionals and partners who can help with the necessary maintenance tasks on the house and in the garden – always at a good price.

Business Model

Subscription model starting at 119Dkk/month, exterior window cleaning 4 times a year with a possibility of extending the subscription to other services and adjusting it to the size of the house and the garden.

Home Bob also, helps its uses with a craftsman’s deduction from the Danish tax office, which makes the subscription even cheaper and more attractive.

The story behind HomBob?

HomeBob started as a corporate venture building project together with TRYG and Solar. The companies had the common vision to help homeowners take care of their homes and avoid costly damages. KRING’s team helped validate the early idea and contributed to building the first MVP and onboard the co-founder team. KRING’s fund Speedbooting 2016, Tryg, and Solar invested in the company and KRING still participates in the board of directors.



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