We help young people and their communities find a path out of poverty.

Human Practice Foundation rebuild existing schools and train teachers in remote areas that are otherwise deprived of quality education and based on our insight and close contact with the communities we develop our projects to directly and effectively address local needs and challenges. With entrepreneurial projects, we drive and support young people and their communities in finding a path out of poverty.


The story behind Human Practice Foundation
Human Practice Foundation was established in 2014 by CEO Pernille Kruse. The founding was made possible with the financial support of Martin Kring and Jesper Kring. The foundation is managed from Copenhagen, Denmark, and has chapters in Sweden, UK, and Switzerland. Our Board of Directors includes a range of prominent business leaders, chaired by Allan Polack.

It is only with the great effort and financial coverage of all administration costs by our group of founding partners, that we are able to sustain a business-model where 100% of all donations are allocated directly to our projects – a model, that we have made publicly available through our blueprint, thereby enabling others to do the same.



Pernile Kruse Madsen with financial support from KRING


Social Impact

Meet the Co-Founders and chairman

Pernille Kruse Madsen

Pernille Kruse Madsen

CEO & Founder

Human Practice Foundation in the media

For 10 år siden skiftede hun en strømlinet pokal-karriere ud for at gøre en forskel..

Interview with Founder, Pernille, in a national morning radio show

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Pernille vil gøre en ende på fattigdom. Siden 2014 har hun bygget 66 skoler i Nepal

The story of Human Practice Foundation and their progress

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