Free yourself from the burdens of type 2 diabetes


Managing type 2 diabetes can be frustrating and connected with many setbacks. Diabetes contribute to 11.3% of deaths globally with 46.2% of the deaths occur under the age of 601, and people with diagnosed diabetes have medical expenditures 2.3 times higher than people without. 


Research is validating it is possible to reverse diabetes 2. Triba supports life changes to – normal blood sugar, no diabetes medication and good health by focusing on the underlying cause.

Tribas 3 month course educates in lifestyle changes with focus on eating the right food. The course is supported by our medical team including nutritional experts and a doctor.


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Meet the team


Jane Kudsk

Jane Kudsk

Co-Founder and CPO

Jane has helped hundreds of Type 2 diabetics over the past 5 years and has, among other things, written the book “Eat Your Way Free of Type 2 Diabetes”.

Moritz Mueller

Moritz Mueller

Co-Founder & CEO

Former pharmaceutical executive with extensive commercial experience in diabetes & critical care in Europe & Asia. Certified nutrition & sports coach with passion for personal growth, health, nutrition & ultra endurance sports.


Jacob Madsen

Jacob Madsen

Chairman of the Board

Managing Partner at KRING, serial entrepreneur.


Alexander Omel

Alexander Omel

Medical Doctor