Connecting Beyond Slides: A Recap of our Speedbooting 2019 Investor Meeting

by | 2023

Discover what it’s like to be a part of KRING’s Speedbooting investor meetings. In November 2023, we invited our Speedbooting 2019 investors to participate in an insightful afternoon with presentations and updates from our Speedbooting 2019 companies.

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting our investor meeting for the KRING Speedbooting 2019 fund – an event that brought together the driving forces behind our successful portfolio. The gathering not only allowed us to discuss the progress of the companies within the fund but also provided an opportunity to engage and network with investors, company builders and KRING team members in our community. It’s always a pleasure to see familiar faces and connect with our investors, who have been instrumental in shaping the success of the Speedbooting 2019 fund.

The agenda for the day kicked off with setting the stage for what would be an insightful meeting with presentations from our Speedbooting 2019 companies: Welldium, Nuna, and Bodil. We appreciate our company builders who showed up at the meeting and presented their latest progress and future directions, as well as answering questions and reflections from our investors.

After the presentations, we had a short wine tasting to round off the day. A special thanks to Mads Wissing and Struktur Vin, a newly opened wine shop in Charlottenlund driven with a passion for fantastic wine, delicious food and the art of good hosting, for bringing tasteful and carefully selected wines to enjoy at our investor meeting.

In an era dominated by virtual communication, meeting our investors face-to-face is always a great experience and something we deeply value at KRING. We are grateful for the support of our investors and look forward to continuing the journey together, pushing boundaries, and accelerating the growth of our portfolio companies.

We also continue to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across all our funds, and we are determined to build and create impactful ventures within our core focus areas: Health & Well-being (SDG3) and Affordable & Clean Energy (SDG7).

If you have any questions or inquiries about investor relations at KRING, or how to become an investor in our most recent fund, KRING Speedbooting 2022, please reach out to our Investor Relations Coordinator, Niklas Lynge Rasmussen at

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